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Advanced Sports Performance...
...for the serious athlete

The C.A.N.I. Fitness Center has redefined the principals of "Sport-Specific" training. We utilize unparalleled training methods developed for professional power-lifters, Olympic and pro-athletes alike.

We studied under elite professional trainers to perfect training methods developed for and used by many of the worlds' top athletes. We are proud to be affiliated with this state-of-the-art training model. The results our athletes have attained speak for themselves. No other training methods used today can offer results like those we apply.

Our training methods coupled with proper considerations of muscle physiology and biomechanics can increase: rate coding of the muscle fiber, motor unit synchronization of the Muscular System, neuromuscular coordination, muscle hypertrophy, transfer of power, muscle stabilization, explosive strength, rate of force development and accelerating strength leading to a more complete and competitive athlete.

If you are looking to maximize: power, speed, absolute strength, muscular growth, muscular endurance, work capacity, physical performance, recuperation and eliminate the detraining effects found in conventional periodization then look no further.

Our goal is simple... to turn you into a higher caliber athlete! So don't be left behind. Join those who have put their trust in us and raise the bar on your athletic performance.

About Our Advanced Sports Performance Program

Do I Need To Be 21 To Participate?
No. Student athletes 15 years of age and older may participate in the ASP program.

How Was This Program Developed?
The ASP program was developed based on research compiled by WestSide Gym & Elite Fitness, professional training regimens, Russian training research, research by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, American College of Sports Medicine, The Physician and Sports Medicine, other leading professionals, Strength Coaches and publications.

How Much Time Is Required For The Program?
Our athletes train four days a week during the off-season and twice a week during the in-season, no more and no less. Each session runs between 1 to 1.5 hours. We ask that the athlete have a minimum of 3 months prior to the in-season before beginning our program, with 6 months being ideal for optimal gains in performance.

What Is Expected From The Athlete?
Our athletes have made tremendous gains since the inception of this program back in 1999. We expect nothing less from those who wish to join them. Their achievements have made the ASP program a great success. We demand our athletes make Constant And Never-ending Improvements, therefore we do not accept mediocre training performances. This program is intense, physically and emotionally taxing but developed to maximize gains, eliminate training plateaus and elevate the athlete to a new level of performance.

What Is The Cost Associated With This Program?
The initial cost of the ASP training program is $699 which includes 20 training sessions and a 3 month gym membership. This may be paid-in-full of billed over three (3) equal monthly installments. At the end of the initial 3-month membership, the student athlete may continue on by joining under the regular membership pricing plan. The student athlete may also continue the ASP program at a reduced training rate of $400 for 20 training sessions if he or she so wishes.