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The Ultimate Ski Performance Workout!

The Alpine Edge is the Ultimate Ski Performance Workout which utilizes the same training principals as the Advanced Sports Performance program. Developed for competitive and recreational skiiers alike, this program was specifically designed to improve edge control, muscular endurance of the quadriceps and hamstrings, core stability for balance, and agility for cleaner carves and turns for a safer and more exciting ski experience.

About The Alpine Edge Program

How Long Is The Alpine Edge Program?
This is an 8 week, "Ski-Specific", conditioning program.

How Often Do I Workout With A Trainer?
You will have two (2) sessions with a trainer each week. Each session runs approximately 1 to 1.5 hours in duration. In addition, you are asked to workout twice a week on your own.

What's The Difference Between The Alpine Edge And My Normal Workout?
First, this program was designed specifically for downhill skiing. Every aspect of "Ski-specific" conditioning was considered, including skills to keep you upright and confident on the mountain. Second, we use one very important component... The Skiers Edge! Not only is this machine vital to conditioning but critical in developing edge control and core stabilization without the risks involved of pushing it to the limit on an icy, slippery mountain.

What's The Cost Associated With This Program?
The cost of The Alpine Edge training program is $348, which includes 16 one-on-one training sessions and $239 for a 3-month gym membership. Both, The Alpine Edge training program and the 3-month membership, may be paid-in-full or billed over three (3) equal monthly installments. Other membership options are available.