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Our Group Aerobic Classes

Do it in a group! The beauty of exercising to music with a group and being led by a group aerobics instructor is that you tend to work harder and longer than you would on your own. The support provided by classmates who share your quest for a better body and mind can hasten success for everyone involved.

The C.A.N.I. Fitness Center offers a wide variety of class programs that will fit your busy schedule. We offer more than a dozen classes weekly. Below is a description of each class. You may click here to view our Weekly Class Schedule. Join a class today!

Boot Camp
This action packed class will challenge your strength, endurance and willpower. Our goal... to break you down (or just give you a great workout) and build you up! Join our drill sergeant, Heather, for an hour of intensely fun training where anything goes.

Cardio Kickboxing
Cardio Kickboxing
Get ready to kick, punch and grove your way to fitness! This fat shredding, calorie burning total body workout is explosive, exciting and motivating. This non-contact, easy to follow kickboxing is fused with a blend of high energy kicks and punches. Set to upbeat music, this is the ultimate calorie burning class. Cardio-Kickboxing is the perfect combination of martial arts, boxing and cardiovascular endurance training. No dance style coordination is needed for this class.

This class challenges riders' endurance and toughness throughout 60-minutes of drill work. Extreme components include intervals of out-of-saddle riding and sprints. This class varies so you can alternate between fitness and fat burning. Beginners welcome but should speak to the intructor prior to class. Bring a water bottle, you're going to need it...Oxygen Optional!

Extreme Ride
This advanced indoor cycling class will challenge your toughness while building extreme cardiovascular endurance. Extreme Ride is a combination of out-of-the-saddle riding, jumps and sprint intervals. Beginners should consult with the instructor before class.

Sexy Arms
Get strong, sleek, sexy arms in this 30-minute workout specifically designed for women who desire more shapely arms. Jessica will lead you through a unique workout that will sculpt, tone, strengthen and define your arms for a sexier silhouette.

Rear Attitude
Integrate balance with strength in this 30-minute leg defining class. Weights, BodyBars and BOSU are utilized for a complete leg workout.

Ab Attack
Take your Abs to a whole new level in this hard-core conditioning class that will define and chisel your Abdominal muscles.

Ab-solutely Ab's
30-minutes of your favorite abdominal exercises... concentrated!

This mat based class offers you a body balancing system that strengthens, lengthens, realigns and defines your body. Pilates is an exercise-based system that aims to develop the body's "centre" in order to create a stable core for all types of movement. Pilates will help your body move with maximum efficiency and minimum effort. Postural changes as well as increased flexibility are only a few of the benefits pilates provides.

Pilates Pumped
We've up-ed the ante on mat-based pilates by adding calorie burning cardio and light weights. The same fluid movements are preformed at a faster pace, creating a more challenging class. The goal is still the same - muscle length and strength - we now just go after the prize more aggressively. Expect more sweat, more burn and quicker results.

Bosu Body Sculpt
Bosu Body Sculpt
An intense Bosu workout focusing on light weights and high reps using BodyBars and bands. Enjoy non-stop body sculpting accompanied by heart pumping cardio. Increase your strength, boost metabolism and improve muscle definition throughout this Bosu cardio workout. Tone, burn and sweat your way to a more sculpted body.

The king of all core-conditioning exercises is utilized in this class to connect you to your core like never before! Experience exercises designed to strengthen the abdominals, back, shoulders and hips. Take this class and watch how your body changes!

Gym Orientation
This optional gym orientation is led by one of our Certified Personal Trainers. It is intended to introduce new members to the various aerobic and strength training machines in the facility. During this orientation, new members will learn set-up and proper use of these primary machines. Exercise prescription is not included during this orientation. It is not necessary for those individuals who purchase personal training to register for the gym orientation. Your Trainer will cover all aspects of exercise prescription and equipment safety during your one-on-one training session. Orientation may be scheduled at the Front Counter for a time that is convenient for both you and a trainer.

Instructor's Choice
Ever Friday & Saturday morning one of our amazing instructor's will lead you through a heart pumping cardio/strength workout. BOSU, Stability Balls, BodyBars, Medicine Balls, Cords, Bands and Steps will be used, plus anything else she can think up.
Please Contact Us if you have any questions about our programs or would like to know about other programs that may not be listed here.